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Transmission Oils

Transmission Oils are premium quality Oils blended from highly refined lube base stock with special detergent additive having excellent alkaline reserve, antiwear additive and good oxidation stability, thermal oxidation resistance, low temperature fluidity, seal compatibility, foam control, corrosion control & antiwear properties. These Oils meet: US - MIL-L-45199B, IS-EDL2 OF BIS - 13656 - 1993, API LEVEL: CD, CATERPILLAR Series 3 for engine Oil, API GL 4 for gear and transmission Oil, US-MIL-L-2105 specifications.
GRADES: Transmission Oil A
This Oil is recommended for use in automotive transmission, power steering unit, and synchromesh gear boxes of automobiles. Recommended for all types of tractors, for engine combined transmission and hydraulic system.