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Manufacturers and Wholesalers

Ahuja Oil Corporation has wide network of dealers and stockists who are dedicated to provide complete support to local and national customers by supplying our superior quality oils within specified timeframe at competitive pricing. We offer end-to-end solutions to our customers.

  • We specialise in Industrial and Automative Lubricants of Imported & Indian Brands.
  • We are the biggest suppliers of Quality Oils to wide base of industries throughout South India and Maharashtra.
  • We manufacture all type of Lubricants, Cutting Oils, Greases, Transformer Oils, and Speciality Petroleum Products like Water Glycol-based Oils, Synthetic Coolants, Silicon, and Molybdenum Greases.

Manufacturers of:

  • Meets API CF-4.CF, API SG, DB-227.1. / API SF for petrol engines and API CC for Diesel Engines

Petroleum Division:

  • Indian Lubes Company
  • Ahuja Oil Corporation
  • Bombay Industrial Oils [Mumbai]
  • Ahuja Petrochem
  • Balaji Padmavathi Petrochem
  • Bangalore Industrial Oils