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Engine Oils

Engine Oils are Blended from Oils having high viscosity index. Proper additives are added to give high detergency level and excellent oxidation stability. These Oils meet various levels of API SC/CC, MIL-L-2104B, IS:E-PL1/E-DL1 OF BIS- 13656-1993 specifications.
MONO GRADES: 30, 40, 50
These Oils are recommended for naturally aspirated diesel engines operating under severe duty conditions, supercharged diesel engines and for power generation sets operating on H.S.D or L.D.O.
MULTI GRADES: 10W, 20W, 5W30, 10W30, 20W40, 20W50
These Oils are also recommended for super charged and turbo charged diesel engines and high-powered petrol engines.
Premium Oils are recommended for turbo charged diesel engines of heavy-duty earth moving equipments and also in caterpillar transmission systems and power generation sets.