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Gear Oil

Extreme pressure gear oils are formulated to meet API service classification IS : 1118-1957, GL 4 - US Military MIL-L- 2105 and GL 5 - US military MIL-L- 2105B, these oils have long service life due to their good oxidation stability.
GRADES: 90 & 140
These Oils are recommended for hypoid, spiral, bevel or worm gear transmission systems of cars, buses and trucks.
GRADES: 80w, 80w90, 85w140
These Oils are recommended for hypoid gear differentials, mechanical transmissions and drive axles operating under severe duty where temperatures can reach up to 150*C and also in Vehicles which operate at sub zero temperatures.

Premium Oils are recommended for turbo charged diesel engines of heavy duty earth moving equipments and also in caterpillar transmission systems and power generation sets.