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Our Profile

Ahuja Oil Corporation was established in the year 1992. We manufacture custom made oils for industries from our home-grown brand MOLY-BENZ. We are based out of Bangalore, and exclusive manufacturers and dealers for Industrial and Automotive Oils, Greases, Marine Oils, Metal Working Fluids, Textile Oils, Speciality Petroleum Products, and Waxes. We deal in Mineral Oil and Synthetic Oil Products. In addition to MOLY-BENZ brand, we market products of various prestigious companies like Indian Oil, HPCL, BPCL, CASTROL, SHELL, etc. We pride ourselves on providing customers with the best-quality products and services.

Ahuja Oil Corporation has wide network of dealers and stockists who are dedicated to provide complete support to local and national customers by supplying our superior quality oils within specified timeframe at competitive pricing. We offer end-to-end solutions to our customers.

Background: Ahuja Group of Companies

Ahuja Group of Companies stands testimony towards success in the oil industry and exponential growth into diversified family business segments. Brainchild and vision of Sri Sunil Ahuja, to bring together the diversified family business into integrated and successful “Ahuja Group of Companies.” This family runs business since early sixties which is several decades now.

Sri Prem Daulatram Ahuja, father of Sri Sunil Ahuja, started Automobiles & Industrial Parts and Lubricants business in Bangalore during early sixties (1966) through M/s Highland Traders. By 1977 the business developed into full-fledged oil Industry.

Sri Sunil Ahuja joined Sri Prem D Ahuja in 1987 to partner in business and started M/s Indian Lubes Company. Later, Sri Sunil Ahuja started Ahuja Oil Corporation in the year 1992. This journey of family business continued, with Sri Anil Ahuja, younger brother of Sri Sunil Ahuja to start In-bound tourism business, thereby, birth of M/s Legend Tours Pvt Ltd. Further, youngest brother of Sri Sunil Ahuja, Sri Raj Ahuja strengthened this business by starting, M/s. Bangalore Industrial Oils and M/s Balaji Padmavathi Petrochemicals.
Recently, the group has launched ‘Bombay Industrial Oils’ at Mumbai, to cater to Maharashtra, Gujarat and rest of North India.

Ahuja Group of Companies

  • Indian Lubes Company
  • Ahuja Oil Corporation
  • Ahuja Petrochem
  • Balaji Padmavathi Petrochem
  • Bangalore Industrial Oils
  • Bombay Industrial Oils
  • Legend Tours Pvt Ltd